The HYBE Trainee Urban Legend That Only TXT’s Beomgyu Was Able To “Survive”

Out of all the trainees who tried it, only Beomgyu overcame it.

Among HYBE‘s trainees, there was one urban legend they tried their best to avoid. Being the risk-taker he is, TXT‘s Beomgyu faced it head-on and became the only trainee who overcame it.


While answering fans’ questions on a live broadcast, Beomgyu noticed one that asked if the company had any urban myths during their trainee days. To Hueningkai‘s surprise, Beomgyu instantly remembered one.

Making Hueningkai laugh, Beomgyu admitted, “They said singing ‘With You’ will make you quit.

That didn’t stop Beomgyu from singing the song. He revealed, “I’m the only one to survive and debut.” Unfortunately, the other trainees didn’t have such luck.

Hueningkai shared what happened to all the other trainees that attempted to sing the song.

You’re the only one who survived. There’s a song called ‘With You’, and everyone who sang that song left. They got fired.

— Hueningkai

Beomgyu remembered how worried he’d been for choosing it. He thought, “So I was like, ‘Will this be my last monthly evaluation song?’ when I sang it.

In the end, that song helped Beomgyu succeed as a trainee and led to his debut in TXT. While it seems like a bit of luck was involved, Beomgyu’s talent spoke for itself.

Source: Naver Live


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