How Hyelim And Her Boyfriend Met And Fell In Love

It’s like a real life fairy tale!

On March 14, news broke out that former Wonder Girls‘ member Hyelim is in a long-term relationship with Taekwondo athlete Shin Min Chul.

The two appeared together for the first time on the April 6 episode of MBC‘s Don’t Be Jealous.

Shin Min Chul revealed that he met Hyelim through her father who is a Taekwondo grandmaster and a 9th degree black belt holder.

Hyelim’s father does Taekwondo, and he and my Taekwondo teacher made plans to meet for dinner. My teacher brought me along and Hyelim’s father brought her.

– Shin Min Chul

Hyelim then revealed that she had a positive first impression of him.

I immediately thought he gave off a good impression, so I sat in front of him even though there were many other available seats.

– Hyelim

Turns out, Shin Min Chul was also attracted to her at first sight!

When she arrived, she was out of breath and looking for her family. She caught my eye with how cute and child-like she looked.

– Shin Min Chul

What a fairy tale love story! If you want to see more of their cute interactions, watch the full clip below:

Source: Nate