Hyeri Reveals Complete Before And After Makeup Transformation

This is the first time she revealed the entire process!

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri recently revealed her complete before/after makeup transformation in a YouTube video.

On July 29, Hyeri updated her YouTube channel with the second episode of her reality program, Oh! Hyeri Day.


In this episode, Hyeri showed viewers the entire process of getting ready for her schedules. She began filming as soon as she came out of her house, with absolutely no makeup on her face.


She then headed straight to the salon to get her makeup done.


Hyeri’s makeup artist began working her magic…


And not long after, Hyeri’s makeup look was complete!


That wasn’t the end to Hyeri’s transformation, however, as she still had her hair and outfit left. She then headed off to get her hair done.


Finally, Hyeri finished both her hair and makeup and headed to the studio.


With the addition of a gorgeous outfit, Hyeri’s transformation was complete!


But with or without makeup, Hyeri was gorgeous! Watch her full video below:

Source: YouTube

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