Hyolyn Is Receiving Praise For Her Diverse Back-Up Dancers

They’re very different from most idols.

Hyolyn returned as a solo artist with the latest release “See Sea,” however, got the most attention with her diverse back-up dancers. 


She enlisted choreographer Nicole Kirkland and the Kirkland Krew to provide the choreography for her latest track and also appeared on her music video. 


Fans were already shook of the diversity showcased during this promotions but it was also the way she bonded with the dancers that caught the most attention. 


Fans noticed that she walked into music show recordings with her dancers and even featured them in her performances. 


Their bond and chemistry onstage cannot be denied.


One can feel the friendship between the Hyolyn and the dancers on one of her recent online broadcast. 


Don’t believe us? Catch one of their live performances below.