Hyorin’s Recent Stage Outfit Made Fans Believe They Were at a Dinner Show for Older Viewers

Fans liked her performance, but not so much her outfit.

Last month, Hyorin held an independent concert in Hongdae called, “I’m Slowly Becoming an Adult“.

Hyorin’s concert was full of all sorts of performances such as covers of Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” and BTS’s “Boy With Luv”.


As soon as videos of the concert were shared on social media, fans have been expressing their love for her music, but not such much the theme she was going for.

The dress she wore for the concert was a bright red dress with dramatic frills around her shoulders.

Some online communities have been calling the dress “dignified” with a “commanding presence”, and that it strongly gives off the vibe of a late-night dinner show for an older audience.

Some other fans saw this in a positive light and expressed that Hyorin is now a singer with 10 years of experience, and that her music might be good to listen to while having dinner.

Check out the full performance below:

Source: Insight