Hyosung Offers Encouragement And Advice To A Fan Who Felt Insecure About Her Chest

Hyosung‘s response to a fan with insecurities shows just how genuinely supportive she is of her fans.

In a recent post on an online community portal, a netizen shared the response she received from SECRET‘s Jun Hyosung when she reached out to her on Instagram.

She first told Hyosung that she felt insecure about her small chest and that she had tried everything to make them grow, but failed.

The fan mentioned why Hyosung was her role model, saying the reason was because she was confident with her body and didn’t feel shy about showing it. Then, she asked for advice on which exercises could help her increase their size.

“Unnie… My complex is my small chest… I was so touched when I saw you on television showing yours confidently! It’s my dream to become like you, you’re my role model! So I wanted to ask what exercises should I do to get them as big as yours…? I’ve tried all the exercises that are said to be helpful but they haven’t helped, and I’ve tried eating a lot of cheese and bananas but nothing works…. I’ve joined the gym too but I don’t know what to do, so please help me. Out of all the celebrities I know, you have the biggest. I’m really stressed because I get teased on how small they are, please help me, I’ll support SECRET too!”

— Anonymous fan

In response, Hyosung suggested that she may still be growing since she was young, and recommended one video that could help her in the long run.

“You still look young~ *_* Maybe it’s because you’re not fully grown yet? And you’re worrying already~ Since you’re young, eat well and continue to do moderate exercise *_* Aw I wish I could help because you’re so cute and I’m really thankful… I think it will help if you also follow the exercises in this video I did on Naver Cast *_* ㅋㅋ Don’t be stressed >_< Good luck to you ?”

— Jun Hyosung

Check out the video she recommended to her fan below!

Source: Dispatch