Hyoyeon Revealed She Is Still Awkward Around Taeyeon… Even After 12 Years Together

“Our conversations are very awkward.”

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon made a surprise confession on Ahn Young Mi and Choi Wook’s radio program Eh-Heh Radio, admitting that after 12 years of being together in the same group, she is still a little awkward around Taeyeon.


She explained the reason to be the fact that Taeyeon enjoys staying at home while she herself loves to go out and meet people, giving the two fewer things to talk about.

I’m always out trying to meet friends but Taeyeon likes to stay at home so our conversations are very awkward.

ㅡ Hyoyeon


While she was at it, she also explained her relationships with the other Girls’ Generation members as well, a few of whom she meets according to the type of alcohol they will be drinking.

Yuri and I have a similar level of energy so she’s my best drinking buddy. But when I drink wine, I usually drink with quiet Yoona.

ㅡ Hyoyeon


She added that traveling is the best with Sunny and that she has a wonderful personality.

It’s difficult to travel just the two of us but we once traveled together on a television program and it was really nice. She has a really good personality.

ㅡ Hyoyeon


It is worth noting, however, that despite the differences the members may have in their personalities, they must have had and continue to have extremely good relationships with each other, considering the fact that they worked together for 11 years!

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