Hyoyeon And Taeyeon Record Videos of How Extreme NCT’s Sasaengs Are

Hyoyeon and Taeyeon were recently caught up in the wave of NCT’s sasaengs at an airport.

The sasaengs had completely surrounded the boys and were jostling each other for a photo of them.

Shocked at what they were seeing, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon recorded and uploaded what they were seeing onto their Instagram stories.

Taeyeon simply added the Korean crying symbol “ㅜ” to express her predicament, while Hyoyeon added:

“I guess a celebrity is here. I heard it’s NCT.”

— Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

According to others who were at the airport at the time, NCT’s sasaengs had no respect for order and created chaos.

“It’s funny how some people are cussing out Taeyeon because I’m someone who was at the airport and it’s true that NCT fans have no sense of order. They seriously inconvenienced so many airport users including Girls’ Generation. Just because they wanted to take photos, they pushed other travelers, stepped up on chairs, blocked pathways.. I hope they reflect on themselves and stop talking so badly about others…”

— Traveler

Source: Joongang Ilbo

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