Who Is The “Hype Boy” In ADOR’s New Boy Group Audition Video?

Everything we know about the model.

Newjeans‘ company ADOR announced they will open global auditions for aspiring boy trainees in April and the internet went crazy.

The announcement caused a commotion online after K-Pop fans noticed the age limit that allowed only boys younger than 18 years old to join the global audition, with children as young as 10-11 years old also being eligible. This follows a long string of controversies ADOR and the company’s CEO Min Hee Jin have been a part of ever since Newjeans’ debut in August 2022.

Newjeans | ADOR

Despite the controversy, fans are excited to see a boy group debut under the infamous company. Many have also suggested we already know the first potential member!

The audition announcement was accompanied by short clips of a young model, during one of which he was listening to Newjeans’ hit song “Hype Boy” through a pair of overhead headphones. ADOR likely used the video to show the vibe of what they’re looking to find in aspiring trainees and encourage similar boys to join the audition stages.

The actor caught people’s attention with his handsome visuals, and that’s when Newjeans’ fans noted that there is a high possibility the model in the clip could very well be a member of the future boy group.

Similar to the actor in the boys’ audition clip, Newjeans’ Minji was also made the face of ADOR’s auditions for female trainees. As we know, Minji was able to debut under Newjeans and is now one of the most loved idols in South Korea. Thus, it’s understandable fans think the male trainees’ audition actor might follow the same route.

Following this theory, fans immediately put their detective hats on and scoured the internet for more information on the handsome actor. They soon found out he was a Japanese model named Kagiru.

Kagiru | DONNA

Though not much is known about Kagiru yet, fans were able to find out that he works as a model under the Japanese modeling company DONNA. The company’s website describes him as a 174cm black-haired boy with brown eyes. On the model’s Instagram page, you can see the year 2000 written in his bio, suggesting he is now 22-23 years old.

Kagiru | DONNA

Kagiru has shared multiple posts on Instagram and is followed by more than 6000 people. His posts show off Kagiru’s handsome visuals and trendy style, as well as his love for dogs!

Kagiru | DONNA

Whether he’s part of ADOR’s future boy group line-up or not, Kagiru has already received a lot of attention just from his short global audition clips — leaving fans excited to see what he will do next!

Kagiru | DONNA