[★TRENDING] Hyun Bin And Kim Joo Hyuk Talk About Their Girlfriends For The First Time

Actor Hyun Bin talked about his newly discovered relationship at the press conference for his new movie “Cooperation“.

The press conference was held at the Apgujeong CGV on the 16th and Hyun Bin who plays the lead role of North Korean special agent Lim Chul Ryeong was bombarded with questions about his newly discovered relationship.

Hyun Bin stated, “Considering all that’s happening around us these days, I am a little cautious that my personal issues are becoming topics of such interest. So I feel that I have to be very careful in what I say. Also talking about my personal life at an event where everyone who worked so hard on the movie including the director have come together to talk about our movie for the first time would not be proper. We are fond of each other and we have just begun getting to know each other, and I wish to get to know her slowly and carefully. I would like to thank everyone for the amount of interest they are showing in us.”

Below is a video of Hyun Bin talking about Kang Sora.

Actor Kim Joo Hyuk who was also discovered to be dating fellow actress Lee Yoo Young played a role in the movie and was bombarded with questions about his relationship.

Kim Joo Hyuk joked, “It’s only been two days since the news of my relationship broke out, what new development could there have been. Our relationship is going very well.”

Also Checkout the official trailer for the movie “Cooperation” set to begin airing in January 2017.

Source: Yeonhap News