Hyun Bin Nearly Gave Fan A Heart Attack With Just One Hand Motion

This fan must have saved a country in her past life.

One post of Hyun Bin during a past fan meeting has been trending online again due to his quick thinking and attention to fan-service.

At that fan meeting, Hyun Bin offered a fan service that nearly gave the female fan a heart attack.

The attached video shows the fan chatting away with the handsome actor.

Hyun Bin showed off his signature sweet eyes and listened carefully to what the fan had to say.

Shortly afterward, Hyun Bin patted the fan on the head, making the fan plop down on the ground in shock while everybody else screamed and cheered.

This clip just goes to prove that Hyun Bin’s fan service is at a whole another level…

And props to the fan for getting the star to do that for her.

There’s nothing a fan would want more than to be Hyun Bin’s girl even if it’s for just one second.

Fans are responding to this clip with comments of jealousy such as “Please pat me on the head, too!“, “I’m so jealous“, and “I would have fainted if I were her“.

Check out the full clip below: