Why Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Loved Working Together A Second Time, According To Them

They first worked together in a 2018 film.

Before they were confirmed to be dating on January 1, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were close friends. They worked together in the 2018 crime thriller The Negotiation and they made sure to keep in touch afterwards.

When they met again during the filming of tvN‘s Crash Landing on You, they were happy to be acting alongside each other once more.

They confirmed this in a “Couch Talk” interview with The Swoon. The two compared their first film with their first drama, explaining that they never really saw each other in person during The Negotiation. Son Ye Jin acted as a crisis negotiator who talked to Hyun Bin, a kidnapper, mostly through a camera.

Actually, in The Negotiation, there’s only one scene that we filmed together. Throughout the movie, we were acting through monitors.

— Son Ye Jin

It was only in the final scene of the movie that they actually acted in the same room.

We finally ran into each other in the last scene. I don’t think we can really say that we worked together in that movie.

— Son Ye Jin

Because she was finally able to properly film with Hyun Bin in Crash Landing on You, Son Ye Jin preferred it over The Negotiation.

We finally got to look at each other in front of the camera and act together thanks to this drama. It creates a stronger bond between us as collogues.

— Son Ye Jin

Hyun Bin, meanwhile, viewed the drama in a more pragmatic way. He liked how efficient it was to know his co-actor well even before starting the shoot.

I think it’s time-saving. You need to learn about each other when you first meet your partner.

— Hyun Bin

Since he and Son Ye Jin were already close friends, it wasn’t awkward to film. They were able to collaborate easily over the script and scenes.

But the fact that we can easily share our thoughts and ideas about the drama without going through that time is probably the biggest difference.

— Hyun Bin

Check out the full interview below!

Source: YouTube