Hyun Bin’s Childhood Friends Reveal What He Was Like Back in Middle and High School

So basically, he was perfect.

With Crash Landing on You becoming one of the most popular K-Dramas, online communities spent time gathering and sharing whatever information they could find on Hyun Bin‘s past.

And among the many posts, one shared a past interview where Hyun Bin’s childhood friends spoke up about what he was really like back in middle and high school.

According to Hyun Bin’s childhood friends, Hyun Bin was a total heartthrob even back in school.

We took the bus together, and every time, the female high school students would exclaim in awe as they got on. When I told him he was popular, his face got red.

— Friend

Another fellow classmate from Hyun Bin’s high school days even revealed that he had a fan club.

It was to the point where he even had a fan club. To his hoobaes at the time, he was pretty much a god.

— Friend

But that’s not all. Not only was Hyun Bin good-looking, but he was remarkably intelligent in school.

Although Hyun Bin went to Chung-Ang university for theatre and film, he didn’t get in on special admissions for celebrities. His grades were so good that he got in during regular admissions.

— Friend

Hyun Bin’s childhood friends claimed that in their district, Hyun Bin was even more popular than H.O.T at the time due to his handsome visuals and intelligence.

Fans are responding to this reveal with comments such as “So he was perfect“, “I can’t believe he was smart in school with those looks“, and “He has everything“.