HyunA Cried From How Her Backup Dancers Stood By Her During A Stage Accident

“I still get goosebumps.”

Between Wonder Girls, 4Minute, and her successful solo career, HyunA has over ten years of experience as an artist. Of the many moments of her long career, she recalled a touching act by her backup dancers that made her cry tears of thanks.

When MMTG‘s Jae Jae searched HyunA’s past for iconic moments, she discovered a stage where the singer performed barefoot. HyunA immediately remembered the performance and how upset she’s been by the short time they’d prepared it.

I only prepared for the comeback stage for about four days. I was so angry about that.

I wanted to perform well on the stage. I was angry at the short preparation time, but it was a live show.

— HyunA

Adding to the obstacles for the “Bubble Pop!” stage, HyunA revealed that “the floor was very slippery” and became dangerous with her four-inch heels. In the end, “one of them came off on the stage,” causing her to toss both red heels off her feet.

Despite HyunA’s frustration from the accident, the moment took on a positive meaning when the backup dancers followed her lead. She said, “The thing that touched me was that the dance team all took off their shoes. I should’ve cried because I was so angry that I couldn’t perform well, but I cried because I was touched by them.

HyunA wasn’t the only one who witnessed the backup dancers’ thoughtful actions. During a break in the performance, the female dancers were captured quickly tossed off their high heels.

Even though the moment was from ten years ago, HyunA admitted that she still felt how heartwarming it was. She said, “I still get goosebumps.

After spending so much time preparing for something—only for it to go wrong—anyone would be upset. Fortunately, HyunA can look back on the accident with warm thoughts thanks to her caring backup dancers. See her recall the touching moment, along with the original performance.