HyunA Took On The Task Of Giving DAWN A Haircut, And It Was The Cutest And Most Relatable Thing Ever

They really are #couplegoals!

When it comes to K-Pop relationships, two idols are seen as ultimate goals are soloists HyunA and Dawn. The two met while signed under Cube Entertainment, and after announcing their relationship in 2018, they both left and joined Psy‘s label P NATION

They both left and joined Psy‘s label, P NATION. Since then, the two have been as strong as ever and have taken part in a reality show called I’m Fine, Thank You and You?

HyunA and Dawn | Allure Korea

During the first episode, fans saw HyunA asking Dawn about how short he wanted his hair cut, and it seems as if, despite being an idol rather than a hairdresser, Dawn fully allowed her full control over his style. Yet, if that wasn’t cute enough, HyunA’s approach to cutting his hair by sitting on his lap was enough to make anyone soft.


Yet, like everyone who has had their other half cut their hair, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, things don’t always turn out the way you planned. After looking in the mirror, Dawn couldn’t hide the shock on his face, adding, “What are you doing? What is this?

Being supportive, HyunA tried to find ways to showcase Dawn’s hair in a different light, even through a camera. Unfortunately, Dawn still found it weird and explained that it looked the same in the camera as it did in the mirror.

Even though he was surprised by his haircut, he was still the ultimate boyfriend as he thanked HyunA, saying, “Leave it if you think it’s pretty.” However, HyunA also wanted to make Dawn happy, so she tried again, putting her heart into the style.

After another round with the scissors, Dawn was still unsure about his new haircut, joking, “I think it looked better earlier. I kind of look dumb now. I’m just going to go home now.” He even compared it to a haircut he had during his school days.

Apparently, the style had all been a plan. After Dawn asked if he could make it a trend, HyunA replied that it was already done, and her reasoning behind the style was the cutest thing ever.

Something’s trendy when more than two people do it. You’ve gotta do it with someone. I didn’t want to do it alone, so I cut yours first.

— HyunA

With matching hairstyles, the two are even more goals than before. It also shows how much trust and respect between the two idols, allowing them to have fun.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Studio lululala