HyunA And DAWN Write Love Letters To Fans Asking Them To Stay Healthy

HyunA and DAWN expressed their concern for everyone’s health.

HyunA and DAWN shared a couple’s message encouraging fans to stay healthy amidst the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Source: OSEN

HyunA released a picture of a message that was handwritten in her sketchbook that read, “Is everyone staying healthy? I know things are concerning right now, but I want everyone to be well. Don’t get sick. Let’s fight COVID-19 away. Let’s be healthy.

Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, DAWN shared the below drawing on his Instagram that featured text that read: “Go Korea!!!” In the corner, he included a note that said, “Thank you, I respect you, I love you.” The flower he drew on his picture is the national flower of South Korea.

Source: Instagram

With serious concerns about the coronavirus in communities worldwide, HyunA and DAWN’s encouragement for fans to stay healthy is uplifting and appreciated.

Source: news-kstyle.jp