Young and Rich Hyuna Bought Rolex Watches for Her and Her Boyfriend, E’Dawn

Hyuna’s a total boss if she can afford two of those watches.

The famous idol couple, Hyuna and E’Dawn recently posted photos of their couple watches on their official Instagram accounts.

Hyunah posted a series of photos which include one of her own watch and two others that show both hers and E’Dawn’s side by side.

It’s clear that the watches are couple watches since they appear to be the same model of different colors, but what especially stands out is the brand name of their new couple item.

The watches they’re seen wearing are Rolex watches which start at the very high price of 10 million won (~$8500 USD).

What makes netizens assume that Hyuna bought these for her and E’Dawn is the fact that E’Dawn captioned his photo with “Thank you“, while Hyuna captioned hers with “I love you“.

It’s heartwarming to see that their relationship is going strong, and how badass is it that Hyuna can casually buy these for her and her boyfriend with her own capabilities?

Source: Insight