Hyuna Is The Epitome Of Sex Appeal In This One-Piece Dress

Hyuna attracted the gaze of everyone at a global cosmetics brand launching event with her tight-fitting one-piece dress.

On February 16, Hyuna attended the launching event of a global cosmetics brand in Gangnam, Seoul, and proved that she was the queen of sex appeal with just one item of clothing.

Her slim-fitting navy dress with a low-cut bust and open back accentuated her curvaceous figure, porcelain skin, and showed off some of her tattoos.

To emphasize the simplicity and elegance of the dress, Hyuna opted for no other forms of jewelry except for a nose ring and large hoop earrings. Even her eye makeup was light with a peachy coral red lipstick to add a pop of color to her face.

Check out her gorgeous look below:

Hyuna confidently walks into the photo area.

At first, she poses shyly while rearranging her hair.

Hyuna’s bringing sexy back.

Hyuna keeps her accessories to a minimum to emphasize the beauty of her dress.

Hyuna color-coordinated her lips and nails, adding an elegant touch.

Hyuna strikes a sultry pose.

The cut of the dress perfectly accentuates her figure.

The full, red lips and low cut top really complete Hyuna’s sexy vibe.

Hyuna is the queen of sexy elegance.

Source: Dispatch