HyunA Fans Believe Her Comeback Might Be Purple Flower Themed

They scoured through her Instagram account for clues.

Fans of iconic K-Pop singer HyunA believe she may be dropping hints about her next comeback on her Instagram account, and they believe they might be on to something!

In August, HyunA posted a picture of the word “flower” written in the sand.

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On September 2 (KST), she posted this image of flowers with a purple shopping cart:

The following day she posted a shot of her hand with purple nail polish on.

That same day, she also posted this wall of flowers:

On September 12 (KST), she posted a shot that was strongly themed both purple and flowers.

Earlier today, September 14 (KST) she posted several more flower or purple-themed shots.

Whether fans are on to something (or not) remains to be seen, however, it’s undeniable that the singer has a love for flowers and the color purple has special meaning for her and boyfriend E’Dawn considering they previously released a song titled “Purple” together!