HyunA Is Under Fire For What Many Claim To Be Cultural Appropriation

Fans are torn with their opinions.

HyunA is receiving heated criticism for her actions.

She posted a photo and video of herself wearing colored and what many think are, box braids, and is now being called out by both fans and non-fans for getting her hair done like that, and posting it on her Instagram!

In the video, she is seen playing with her hair and tying it into a ponytail. Fans also spotted DAWN in the video HyunA posted, sitting at the back getting his hair done!

Many fans have expressed their disappointment in HyunA for getting braids that have cultural value, for her lack of respect, and for posting photos and a video of her flaunting her newly done braids.

However, some of her fans are also quick to defend her, and are calling out those who quickly bashed HyunA without looking closely. Some fans are claiming that she is not wearing box braids, but instead is wearing Thai Khao San braids.

Around an hour later, HyunA posted a short video of her giving fans a special message about how she loves and respects all her fans. She also deleted a lot of the other photos she posted with her braids. Although there is no direct mention that she did this after the backlash she received, fans are assuming that she saw all the negative comments against her and her actions and address it through deleting the other photos and as well as through the video.

Hi everyone. I’m going to dream land now. I love and respect all my fans. As difficult as it is, please don’t think badly of it. Let’s understand each other. Good night.