Hyuna Looks Unbelievably Gorgeous In Barefaced Photos

Slaying with or without makeup 🔥

Hyuna recently shared a video where she removed her makeup in front of the camera. With each layer that she removed, her natural beauty shown even more.

Hyuna started off the video by showing viewers her full face of makeup, which included a peachy eye look and a bold red lip.

Once she removed her eye makeup, her image changed from sexy and sultry to fresh and innocent.

Her clear glass skin and wide doe eyes were more emphasized.

By the end of the video, she shocked fans with her beautiful bare face.

It feels like she’s becoming more and more pretty as I scrolled down.
Hyuna is seriously pretty with makeup on, but she’s so, so pretty with her bare face. She looks innocent.

– K-Netizens

Although she may have preferred herself with makeup on, she still looked just as gorgeous without it!

Source: Pann