Hyuna Captured Wearing Nothing but a Velvet Bra in Jaw-Droppingly Sexy Selfies

Just wow…

Hyuna recently uploaded multiple photos of herself in just a bra, and it’s almost too sexy to handle.

In the photos, she’s seen wearing a bra made of a velvet-like material that shows off her curves like never before.

What especially stands out is the contrasting smile on her face that is not often seen in shots that flaunt such a sexy look.

Hyuna has been very active on social media since joining Psy‘s P Nation with her boyfriend, E’Dawn, but this might be her boldest post yet.

There’s no doubt that Hyuna has always been sexy, but these photos really take it to the next level.

Check out a few more jaw-droppingly sexy shots of Hyuna below:

Source: Insight