HyunA And Hyojong Share Lovey-Dovey Photos From Their Bangkok Trip

Power couple!

Singers HyunA and Hyojong have recently shared lovey-dovey photos from their trip to Bangkok together.

HyunA and Hyojong recently traveled to Bangkok with their acquaintances and have been sharing photos from their exciting trip.


The couple showed their extraordinary fashion sense and seemed to have coordinated their outfits together.


HyunA and Hyojong visited delicious restaurants and went shopping like any ordinary couple.


Hyojong even shared a video of HyunA, who didn’t seem to be very happy about him filming her. HyunA said in the video, “Stop filming, I’ll hit you.”


She responded to the uploaded video by expressing her disbelief.


HyunA reciprocated Hyojong’s little joke by sharing a silly picture of him drinking some wine.


Fans are absolutely loving how cute HyunA and Hyojong are with each other!

Source: Instagram and Instagram