HyunA Specifically Requested To Use A Plastic Horse In The “PING PONG” Music Video, And Here Is The Touching Reason Why

It gained praise from netizens!

When it comes to K-Pop soloist HyunA, as well as being known for her over-the-top concepts and catchy songs, she is known as in intense animal love! She recently released a track called “PING PONG,” with fellow P NATION artist and boyfriend DAWN, and has been gaining praise for showcasing her love of animals while planning the music video.

HyunA and DAWN on the set of “PING PONG” | P NATION

HyunA and DAWN have been showcasing their relationship in the idols have been taking part in the reality show called I’m Fine, Thank You and You? During the final episode, fans got to see the process of recording, styling, and filming the music video for “PING PONG.”

In particular, fans got to see the meeting between HyunA, DAWN, and the producers for the video.

At one point, HyunA is speaking about one of the scenes in the music video which shows her on horseback. Yet, as a true animal lover, HyunA had a recommendation for the video that was praised by fans.

The horseback riding scene, can we use not a real horse but a pink fake horse.

— HyunA

Yet, when the producer asked why they couldn’t just use a real horse for the video, HyunA had a touching answer which came from the heart of a true animal lover, adding that her idea was “From the perspective of an animal lover.

HyunA was right with her decision despite the producer’s reservations, and the scene turned out perfectly. In particular, the pink plastic horse went perfectly with the song and meant that no animals were harmed.

DAWN and the fake horse in the “PING PONG” MV | HyunA/ YouTube

Yet, it isn’t the first time HyunA has earned praise from fans for her love of animals! Even when she first debuted, HyunA showcased just how much she loves animals and cares for their safety.

It seems she has also always had a strict view on using animals for music videos and was wary when using two dogs in one of the tracks.

I don’t think having animals on music videos is a good idea. They get stressed. I am worried because if the dogs get stressed out, that will slow down the shooting. And they’ll get sick. The music is loud, and there is smoke. Dogs should be allowed to run around.

It is always touching to see idols who love animals so much, and HyunA has proved just how protective she is over them and would do anything to ensure they weren’t harmed because of her.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: studio lululala