HyunA And MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Wore The Same Outfit But Served Totally Different Vibes

They both looked amazing.

K-Pop idols often end up rocking the same outfit due to specific brands and styles trending in Korea at any given time. While they may wear the same thing, an idol’s personality and personal style change how the outfit looks on them. This is definitely the case with HyunA and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa rocking the same top but in very different ways.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Twitter

The two both wore the Marine Serre half moon wrap top in green. This top features one sleeve that is black and green and one that has a peacock-esque moon print on it. The top is currently out of stock but retailed for $650 USD.

half moon wrap top | Marine Serre

Hwasa first wore the top during a performance as a part of Refund Sisters, a temporary group that also included Lee Hyori, Uhm Jungwha, and Jessi. The group appeared on MBC‘s How Do You Play? and made an appearance at a festival for the Armed Forces Nursing Academy in what was meant to be the group’s final performance.

Refund Sisters | @sobebe80/Instagram
| @sobebe80/Instagram

Hwasa styled the outfit with matching moon-printed leggings under a pair of unbuttoned jeans. She also wore the top untied, adding to the streetwear style look.

HyunA wore the top among many other iconic looks for her “Good Girl” music video.  Many of her outfits featured moon-inspired imagery so this top fit right into her aesthetic for the MV.

| HyunA/YouTube 

She styled the top with a pair of black half jeans and a pair of moon-printed sock heels from the Marine Serre brand. HyunA wore her top tied and made use of the top’s thumb holes for a cute trendy look.

| HyunA/YouTube
| HyunA/YouTube

The two singers are actually friends as well, so it’s no surprise they have similar fashion tastes!

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Same Fit, Different Vibes