Only Hyuna Can Reach into Her Pants and Still Slay Her Photoshoot like a Boss

You’ve probably never seen poses like this before.

Fashion magazine, Dazed Korea recently shared shots of Hyuna modeling for the clothing brand Style Nanda.

The revealed photos show Hyuna showing off various poses in Style Nanda clothing, and she flaunted her beautiful visuals and mannequin-like body as usual.

Hyuna effortlessly pulled off both casual and girly outfits, which really proves that the face is what completes an outfit.

But beyond her pretty face and thin figure, what caught the eyes of many netizens was the unique poses she struck for the shoot.

In one of the photos, Hyuna had a dreamlike expression on her face with both hands inside her pants.

That’s not all. In some of her other shots, she confidently grabbed her crotch area, made charismatic hand gestures, and even stuck out her bottom with her upper body bent down.

Let’s get real here. Who else would be able to strike such bold poses aside from Hyunah?

Check out some more of Hyunah’s daring poses below:

Source: Insight