HyunA Revealed How She Used To Secretly Date DAWN Before Their Relationship Was Public

She got by with a little help from her friends.

In an episode of HyunA‘s YouTube show HyunA-ing, she revealed how she and DAWN used to secretly go on dates! To absolutely no one’s surprise, the golden couple of K-Pop’s secret dates were the cutest thing ever.

During a car ride with her lead dancer Hana No, HyunA begins to reminisce on what it was like when she first started dating DAWN (then known professionally as E’dawn).

Hana said she wasn’t surprised by the news the pair had started dating because HyunA had previously told her how much she liked DAWN, an exchange HyunA seemed to have forgotten about because she appeared visibly shocked by Hana’s statement!

When Hana reminded HyunA that she had told her how much she liked DAWN, HyunA couldn’t believe it and burst out laughing, wondering if she was crazy for doing that.

In fact, it’s pretty apparent that HyunA is just as madly in love with her boyfriend of three years as she was when they first started dating. Look at the loving expression on her face as she reminisces upon days gone by ~

HyunA revealed that they were sad about not being able to get out of the car for fear of being caught, and they’d have to go out into the countryside or forest for their dates.

In the early days of their relationship, Hana even secretly helped them coordinate their dates!

It was thanks to Hana’s help that HyunA was able to visit the beach during the winter with DAWN and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Although she was very grateful for the opportunity to spend time with her boyfriend like that, it was a little sad for both of them that they couldn’t eat or do things that a regular couple could do.

Hana asked if HyunA remembered the slippers DAWN bought for their beach trip, which made HyunA smile at the memory.

DAWN was so thoughtful, he even bought sparklers for them to play with on the beach!

HyunA and Hana had to pretend like they were on the trip alone, so there were only pictures of the two of them together!

Although it was sad for HyunA and DAWN at the time, the beach date turned into a precious memory they can remember fondly in the present.

Fate is really interesting. When I was 22, back then… I didn’t know I would meet my soulmate.

— HyunA

It’s so good to see how happy and giddy HyunA gets when she talks about DAWN and remembers their early days of dating. There’s nothing better than seeing someone, particularly if they’re your favorite idol, happy and satisfied with life. ❤️