Hyuna reveals she was completely topless while hanging out with American friends in LA

In a recent episode of Knowing Bros, the hosts asked Hyuna what kind of things she’d done to escape from reality.

Hyuna said that she headed to Los Angeles, California, to drink and party with American friends.

What shocked the hosts the most, however, was when she revealed that she went completely topless and proceeded to shoot her album jacket.

While many of the hosts had no idea how to react, Hyuna continued and explained she had a very good reason to.

“I started thinking, ‘I’m at my most beautiful age right now, but why I am being so oppressed?’ so I felt that I had to break free from that.

The fact that I was able to release that song and break free from reality was really fun for me.”

— Hyuna

The hosts all applauded her mindset, and also jokingly asked her where they could find the footage.

“So what do I need to type in on YouTube to find it?”

— Kang Ho Dong

Watch the full segment below!