HyunA Reveals The Fear She Had While Keeping Her Relationship With DAWN Secret

She was thankful that fans were by her side through it all.

Back in 2018, HyunA and DAWN took everyone by surprise by announcing that they were dating. While it caused some significant shifts and prompted changes, they ended up paving the way for idols who want to date as normally as everyone else.

In HyunA’s latest HyunA-ing vlog, she opened up about how fearful she’d felt before going public with their relationship.

For a fresh change, HyunA decided to do something she’d meant to get around to: reading fans’ comments on her videos. She enjoyed reading them, from funny ones to supportive ones.

There was one that caught her attention: “It’s just like a normal couple’s vlog.” Seeing such encouraging comments like that warmed her heart, causing her to open up about the past.

Since idols often keep their relationships secret, for fear of negative backlash or privacy, HyunA did the same. It had been far from easy, though. She confessed, “I had a hard time back in the day.”

With her boyfriend DAWN seated beside her, filming a vlog that would be shown to millions of fans, HyunA admitted she never would’ve thought she would be where she is. “This… I couldn’t even imagine this back then…”

Although she’d experienced many sweet moments with DAWN in the past and appreciated every single one, there was a flip side. There was something that would always be there hanging over them. “The days I spent with you and the memories we made together. But, back in the day…”

Keeping their relationship secret had an emotional toll on HyunA. Whether it had been about deciding to finally make it public, tiptoeing around, or the public’s reaction, it had been extremely tense. “I was terrified. From every single thing.” There was a silver lining.

No matter what happened, HyunA had the support to move forward with whatever she chose to do. She’d gained the courage to announce it thanks to a source close to her: fans. “But, I got up the nerve from my fans and their encouragement, that they accept me the way I am.”

If it weren’t for supportive fans, the world wouldn’t have been able to see HyunA and DAWN’s lovely relationship. Everyone would miss out on supporting a couple that’s breaking through Korean society’s views on idols dating publicly. “Those sweet feelings, concerns, and respect. All those really encouraged me.”

See HyunA open up about the time where she was afraid about keeping their relationship under wraps but overcoming it thanks to fans who showed their unconditional support.