HyunA Reveals The Genius Reason Why She Never Wore Makeup On Dates

She’s got big brain energy.

HyunA was a recent guest on Lee Young Ji‘s My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare) where the two had a great and hilarious time as is usual on the show.

Lee Young Ji (left) and Hyuna (right).| 차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube 

In a new unreleased clip, the two discuss the pros and cons of wearing makeup and HyunA shares the reason why she rarely wears makeup when she goes on first dates!

HyunA first asks Young Ji why she was dressed the way she was. Young Ji, who normally dresses eccentrically for her episodes with guests, says she was trying to match the aesthetic from “Ping Pong,” much to HyunA’s delight.

HyunA continues asking why Young Ji dresses the way she does, even when male guests come, to which Young Ji replies that she doesn’t “want to use my beauty to disturb them from making a proper decision,” so she meets them without makeup.

HyunA shares that she has similar feelings regarding going without makeup!

HyunA: When I date a person, I always…before dating Dawn…On the first date, I always go without makeup.

Young Ji: Without makeup?

HyunA: Even the next day, without makeup

Young Ji: Even the next, next day?

HyunA: No makeup!

Young Ji: Even the next, next, next day?

HyunA: No makeup forever!

HyunA elaborates by saying that she wears no makeup to “lower his expectations,” so that way, when she does wear it she looks even more stunning to him.

Hyuna: Because after I lower his expectation and show my beauty, I’ll look even more beautiful to him!

HyunA has received praise time and time again for how pretty she is without wearing make-up, as well as when she does!

| Grazia

| Grazia

With or without makeup, it’s easy to see why anyone would fall for HyunA!