Hyuna Scared Fans With A Picture Of Her Severely Bruised Legs

Fans are very concerned about Hyuna after seeing her bruises:

With a single photo, Hyuna gave all her fans a very big scare!


On March 25, Hyuna posted a photo to her Instagram that showed both of her legs severely bruised.


As soon as they saw the photo, fans had a moment of panic that something had happened to her and flooded her Instagram page with concern. They wanted to know if everything was okay and were very curious as to how she had gotten the bruises.


But after a little while, fans remembered some other times Hyuna posted some heart-stopping photos of her bruised legs that were later revealed to be because of her own hard work during a dance practice.


When they recalled those other moments, fans began to suspect that it was because Hyuna was out working hard on some new choreography. Because she was working hard, fans reminded her not to work too hard.


Meanwhile, fans can hardly wait to hear what kind of music Hyuna will release since she signed with PSY‘s agency P Nation.