Hyunah Worries Fans with Bruise-Covered Body in Recent Post

They are suspected to be caused by rolling and sliding on the ground.

On February 14, Hyunah uploaded various photos of herself on her Instagram account, and fans are concerned about what they spotted on her body.

The photos show Hyunah sitting on the floor with a colorfully stripped sweater and mismatched socks on. She looked beautiful as always with impactful poses and a powerful look in her eyes.

But what many fans focused on was her legs and what was spotted on them. There were many blue bruises all over her knees which deeply concerned her fans.

“Unnie, be careful with your body.”

“You look so pretty. But are you all right? I love you.”

The cause of the severe bruises is most likely from the choreography she danced to that required a lot of sliding and rolling on the ground.

The injuries it left behind clearly show just how hard Hyunah trains for her fans.

You can watch the dance that could have been the cause of her severe bruising in the post below:

Source: Dispatch