HyunA’s Latest Sexy Performance Causes A Hot Debate Among Fans

Did HyunA take sexy “too far”?

Hyuna recently performed a series of her famous hits at an event held by the Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

She performed four songs, “Bae Bae”, “Red”, “How’s This?”, and “Lip & Hip”.


Hyuna performed her sexy hits with her siren-like charms.


However, fans became split if she took her sexy image too far in her latest performances.


Hyuna showed off her sexiest moves while wearing a bralette top, which is still considered risque in conservative Korean society.

  • “Even though bralettes are becoming popular no one just wears bralettes alone… It looks like the bras I see sold on TV home shopping channels.”
  • “I know everyone talks highly of foreign cultures but we’re still in Korea~ I like HyunA but her outfit is too foreign.”


Many fans commented that it was uncomfortable to see her touch her breasts frequently as a part of the performance.

  • “She’s very pretty but I wonder why she keeps grabbing her boobs and shaking them…”
  • “Why does she keep shaking her boobs and touching them??? It’s unfortunate… She could still succeed without having that kind of concept.”
  • “It’s disgusting. She looks cheap.”
  • “Isn’t she embarrassed to meet her parents?… How does she expect to get married?….”
  • “Her sexy concept was great up until ‘Red’. Ever since, her concepts kept getting worse and worse like this.”


On the other hand, another group of fans defended her signature style, claiming it was her right to perform as she liked.

  • “It’s not like she’s touching someone else’s body, she’s touching hers. So what? There are so many idols who touch other people’s bodies like that on TV.”
  • “Why…;;? Why is she getting hate? I’ve seen even more Rated-R performances at concerts. It just looks like she’s checking if her bra is on securely lol I enjoyed your performance ^^”
  • “She’s just doing what best fits her image. It was a great performance.”


They were happy that HyunA was doing whatever she wanted to do without a care to the criticisms of hateful netizens.

  • “She’s just f*cking pretty. F*ck there’s haters everywhere.”
  • “Unnie, I’ll keep supporting you!! I’m so glad you never lose your signature style.”
  • “She’s beautiful and amazing.”
  • “I would do the same if I had her body.”


Whether she’s gone “too far” or not, no one can deny that HyunA is one of the sexiest queens in all of K-Pop!

Source: Nate Pann