Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Is So Handsome, He’s Known As The “Prince”

He does actually look like he jumped out of a fairy tale.

Stray Kids Hyunjin is the knight in shining armor for many at the School of Performing Arts Seoul. His nickname is “The Prince”, and rightfully so, due to his charming looks and adorable personality. 

School of Performing Arts Seoul is one of the most popular arts high schools for K-Pop’s idols and trainees, including Suzy and BTS‘s Jungkook


Hyunjin has been spotted multiple times in his yellow school uniform, proudly representing School of Performing Arts Seoul. 


In spite of his ordinary uniform, Hyunjin’s friends and classmates call him the “Prince” because his handsome looks and talent shine through.


Fans have also unearthed a series of messages from a classmate of his who saw Hyunjin in real life and learned why he is, in fact, a prince.


Hyunjin debuted as part of Stray Kids earlier this year, and he’s only become more popular!


He’s truly a real-life prince!


Watch Stray Kids’ latest music video “Get Cool” below:

Source: Instiz