These Graduation Photos of I.O.I Show Just How Much They’ve Changed

With the end of the Korean school year fast approaching, I.O.I’s graduation photos have resurfaced.

Although most people are never satisfied with their graduation photos, the pictures hold a significant meaning. Graduation marks an ending to a successful chapter in a student’s life and the start of a new milestone.

Looking back at the graduation photos of I.O.I  remind us how much they’ve grown. They also remind us that although they are currently K-pop idols, they were students just like their peers.

Check out their photos below!

1. Nayoung (High School Graduation)

After graduating high school, Nayoung decided to continue her education in Dongduk Girls University.

Looking lovely with a gentle expression on her face!

2. Sejeong (High School Graduation)

After graduating from Indeogwon High School, Sejeong enrolled in Hanyang Women’s University.

Her high school classmates loved Sejeong’s outgoing personality.

Such a beautiful graduation photo…

3. Chungha (Not found)

Fans who tried to recover Chungha‘s past graduation photos believe that they are probably hard to find because she might have attended high school in Texas before returning to Korea. She’s currently attending Sejong University.

4. Chaeyeon (High School Graduation)

Chaeyeon graduated from School of Performing Arts Seoul this past year.

Her graduation photos created a lot of buzz as she looked like she was modeling for a photoshoot.

5. Pinky (Middle School Graduation)

Pinky attended Music Middle School which was affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She’s set to graduate from School of Performing Arts Seoul this year.

She looks utterly adorable in her school uniform!

6. Sohye (Middle School Graduation)

After graduating from middle school, Sohye enrolled in Kyunggi Girls’ High School.

Sohye looking pure and angelic in her graduation photos!

7. Yoojung (Middle School Graduation)

After graduating middle school, Yoojung enrolled in Guri Girls’ High School before transferring to the School of Performing Arts Seoul where she currently studies.

Mischevious and adorable Yoojung!

She even imitated her graduation photo on a show.

8. Yeonjung (Middle School Graduation)

After graduating from middle school, Yeonjung enrolled in Hanlim Multi Art School.

She blossomed as a flower in her photos!

9. Doyeon (Middle School Graduation)

After graduating middle school, Doyeon enrolled in Sangji Girls’ High School but later transferred to Seoul Performing Arts High School.

Her beauty shines through her graduation photos!

10. Mina (Middle School Graduation)

After graduating middle school, Mina decided to attend Seoul Performing Arts High School.


11. Somi (Middle School Graduation)

The maknae of the group, Somi recently graduated from Cheongdam Middle School and will be attending Hanlim Multi Art School at the start of the next school year.

Our maknae is all grown up.

It’s hard to believe that Somi is just graduated from middle school. She looks mature for her age!