I.O.I Sejeong shows off her sexy swimsuit at the beach

Sejeong took a trip to the beach and showed fans her full-body wet suit.

Were you expecting a bikini? Not on this winter trip to the sea! ㅋㅋㅋ

In the 3rd episode of Gugudan School Trip, the girls of Gugudan went scuba diving. Sejeong emerged confidently from the equipment room in a loose-fitting scuba suit, which isn’t the most typically sexy swim apparel, but Sejeong showed the world that she can make anything look sexy.

Even though the wetsuit was a tad large on her small frame, Sejeong was determined to let her charm shine through. Her charms have been revealed to us before, but this time it’s her playful attitude that makes her extremely alluring.

She teases the camera and makes everyone want to join her.

Sejeong knew how good she looked in the wetsuit and even decided to take a selfie.

The wetsuit may not be the most flattering thing Sejeong has ever worn, but she manages to pull it off with her sexy pose and great sense of humor.

Source: Instiz