I.O.I Somi and Sejeong are insanely muscular, and you never even knew

Sejeong and Somi may be the closest members in I.O.I, and these two have another thing in common: their solid body figures. 

Although known as the charmers in the group, Sejung and Somi recently impressed with their fit figures.

Sejeong received a lot of interest for her athletic build during the release of their music video for “Dream Girls” back in May. Unlike her charming personality, Sejung has many times displayed her toned figure, especially her abdominal muscles, back, and leg muscles.

stretched on the track. [MV] I.O.I(아이오아이) _ Dream Girls(드림걸스) – Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat

The case is also true for Somi. One must not be fooled by her “doll-like” appearance as Somi is also equipped with abs. Although often times criticized for her extreme weight loss advice, Somi was one of the members who maintained her tone physique before and after her debut.

Somi’s fit figure gained a lot of talk during her run on “Produce 101”

Looks like these two does not only share a close friendship, but also an affinity to a toned, athletic figure!

Sejung and Somi already shared a close friendship even during their training.

Look at those leg muscles!

Kim Sejeong pose.





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