I.O.I Yoojung shocks fans with sexy cover of Hyuna’s “Red”

Golden Tambourine is a variety show about creating fun and memorable performances and, in their recent Produce 101 special, the girls from I.O.I did just that.

Yoojung’s performance of Block B’s “Very Good” amazed fans and put the show on the map, but, in the show’s most recent episode, Yoojung gave another jaw-dropping performance when she performed a brilliant version of “Red” by Hyuna.  

Wearing the iconic red fur coat and long dark wig, it’s easy to forget you are watching Yoojung and not Hyuna herself.

Fellow I.O.I members Jeon Somi and Kim Doyeon also appeared on the show with a cover of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”. The girls are almost unrecognizable on stage, totally embodying the original image and atmosphere of this classic song.

Somi and Doyeon perfectly copied Brown Eyed Girl’s dance during their performance.

Three other Produce 101 contestants performed on the show too. I.B.I‘s Han Hyeri and Kim Sohee teamed up with Kang Sira to ask one question: “Who’s your Mama?”