I.O.I Yoojung’s parody of “Very Good” caused Zico to personally react

Idol parodies of other idol’s songs are nothing new, but Yoojung‘s parody of Block B’s “Very Good” was definitely something special.

On January 12, I.O.I‘s Yoojung attracted a lot of attention for her Block B stage on Mnet‘s Golden Tambourine. For her stage, she chose to cover Block B’s “Very Good” and even dressed the part by wearing Zico‘s outfit and wig from the music video! 

Yoojung’s reaction when she first put on the wig is priceless:

In her performance, she even included the detail of wearing a clown mask just like the ones Block B wore and growled fiercely.

During her performance, Yoojung impressed the audience by showcasing her intense rapping skills, expressive facial expressions, powerful dance moves, and explosive energy. Her charismatic expressions and stage presence were very similar to Zico’s, which made the stage especially captivating.

After the broadcast, Zico revealed to the crew that he had watched the Yoojung’s episode.

“I was watching and I was surprised to see my own stage parody. Yoojung copied me better than myself. She managed to be cute at the same time, so I enjoyed watching it.” – Zico

Watch Yoojung’s performance below: