9 Iconic Korean Snacks That Everyone Has To Try At Least Once

There are a ton of tasty Korean snacks out there, but some are so iconic that they’ve been enjoyed by generations of Koreans around the world

Here are nine of the most loved Korean snacks of all time.

1. Choco Pie

A simple snack made of chocolate, cake, and marshmallows, Choco Pie is one of the most well-known Korean snacks in the world.

2. Banana Milk

Aside from soju, Banana Milk might be the most popular drink in all of Korea.

3. Melona 

Nothing beats a Melona ice cream bar to help you cool down on a hot summer day.

4. Malang Cow

Malang Cow’s chewy texture and smooth milky sweetness helps it stand out as one of Korea’s top candies.

5. Shrimp Chips

Every Korean child has had shrimp chips as an after school snack.

6. Bungeo-ppang

Filled with either red bean, ice cream, or both, Bungeo-ppang serves well as both a street food and a casual snack at home.

7. Matdongsan

These crunchy friend peanut snacks are so addictive, it’s hard to have just one!

8. Rice Crackers

If you’ve ever been to a Korean bar, you’ve snacked on these delicious treats.

9. Dalgona

This Korean sugar candy treat is not only delicious, but it’s fun to make too!

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