Netizens Think They’ve Found The Perfect Accessory For Every Idol

Hint: It looks incredible!

There is one thing that all K-Pop idols have in common besides their love of music and their immense talents…


And that is looking absolutely fabulous in flower crowns.


The look has been a fan favorite for a number of years now and has made numerous appearances at fan meetings.


In fact, the look is so popular that it would probably be safe to say that every single idol has worn one at some point or another!


Or at least sort of worn them!


But there’s a good reason for that! Every idol who puts on a flower crown looks beyond amazing.


When a female idol wears one of the crowns her already goddess-like visuals are somehow highlighted even more!


No one knows how it’s possible, but it is!


And as for male idols…


Well, it makes them that much more handsome!


While the look has fallen in and out of fashion for centuries…


It looks like it’s going to stick around for a long time in K-Pop!


And that may be because every netizen, regardless of what fandom they come from, has declared that the flower crown is one of the best looks yet.


And may just be the perfect accessory that every idol can rock.


But then again, with such a pretty floral accent that looks good on any idol who wears it…


It’s easy to see why!