These Two Idol Brothers Swapped Instagram Accounts as a Prank for April Fools’ Day

Wait, they’re brothers?

On April 1, brothers Gong Myung and NCT‘s Doyoung both shared photos on their Instagram accounts, except they were not what fans were expecting.

On Gong Myung’s Instagram account was a photo of his little brother, Doyoung wearing a tracksuit and glasses, and the post reads, “Hello, this is Gong Myung. I hope the weather gets warmer!


Similarly, on Doyoung’s NCT Instagram account, a photo of Gong Myung was uploaded posing in a casual way along with the caption, “Hello. This is Doyoung. I’m getting some cute selfies today.

It’s been previously revealed that these two idols are brothers, and it appears that they decided to do a little swap to troll their fans for April Fools’ Day.

For those who still don’t know that these two talented idols happen to be related, there’s no doubt that this was a cute way to share their brotherly love while also getting in the April Fools spirit.


Source: Insight