This Idol Can Open A Bag Of Chips With Just His Feet

They’re like another set of hands to him.

On a special episode of Weekly Idol starring rookie groups ATEEZ and ONEUS, one of them revealed an unusual talent that left the rest of them in awe, including the hosts.


That someone was ONEUS’s Keonhee, who was a former contestant on season two of Produce 101.

Before Keonhee could demonstrate his unusual skill, he got distracted by the bag of chips for looking delicious. So, he was told he could eat them after successfully opening them.

That made him even more determined. With his members supporting him from behind so he didn’t fall backward, Keonhee used his feet to rip open the bag without any problems.

Upon seeing his accomplishment, everyone was shook. Even his own members joined ATEEZ and the hosts in their excitement in seeing it happen with San, Hwanwoong, and Kwanghee all cheering enthusiastically.

And, his feet were so powerful he even pinched Kwanghee, who couldn’t control his reaction that was somewhere between startled and pained.

See the power of Keonhee’s feet that amazed everyone here.