Idol Dance Practice Videos With Over 10 Million Views

Recently on a popular Korean community, a compilation of idol dance practice videos that reached over 10 millions views went viral. Check out all the idol dance practice videos that has over 10 million views! 


Youtube view count is one way a person can tell how popular a group is. Some K-Pop groups are so popular however, that non-official videos such as dance practice videos reach over 10 million views .

BIGBANG-  TONIGHT (10,424,509 views)

BTS-  FIRE (10,638,941 views)

GOT7- Stop, Stop It (11,197,447 views)

GOT7- I Like You (12,157,926 views)

EXO- LOVE ME RIGHT (12,372,205 views)

GOT7- Just Right (Just Crazy Boyfriend Ver.) (12,534,246 views)

EXO- Monster (12,807,780 views)

BTS- Boy In Luv (12,814,818 views)

BTS- Danger (14,085,673 views)

BTS- I NEED U (14,650,655 views)

EXO-K – HISTORY (Korean ver.) (17,394,988 views)

SHINee- LUCIFER (19,479,811 views)

EXO- Growl (Korean Ver.) (22,056,841 views)

GD X TAEYANG – GOOD BOY (29,534,889 views)

BIGBANG – BANG BANG BANG (42,205,995 views)

TAEYANG – RINGA LINGA (44,531,988 views)

Girls’ Generation – Oh! (10,447,609 views)

SISTAR- Loving U (11,334,110 views)

2NE1 – I LOVE YOU (11,398,822 views)

AOA – Heart Attack (11,559,010 views)

ORANGE CARAMEL- Catallena (13,604,066 views)

AOA – Like a Cat (15,143,845 views)

SISTAR- Touch My Body (16,973,570 views)

4MINUTE – Crazy (17,171,981 views)

SISTAR – SHAKE IT (17,611,062 views)

2NE1- I AM THE BEST (Uncut Ver.) (17,660,048 views)

2NE1 – COME BACK HOME (17,964,059 views)

Girls’ Generation- Mr.Mr. (27,634,011 views)


Source: Instiz