This Idol Disguised Himself As An Old Man And Totally Fooled Fans

They thought he was a “shady, old man.”

In Los Angeles, California, there was an event where fans gathered to watch cover group SEOULA. It turned out that the very boy group they were covering came to surprise them with an appearance, just not how they’d originally thought.


As they were performing, the crowd noticed an older man watching the performance as well. Some thought he was a “shady, old man,” while others already had an idea of who he was.

What made everyone just a bit suspicious was his sudden fall, dropping his cane as he fell to the ground. Even the members of the cover group stopped their dance cover to help him up.

Little did they know, it was ATEEZ‘s San.

As soon as San threw away his cane, he joined them in performing the choreography of “Wonderland”. If the crowd couldn’t tell from his distinct dance moves that he was San, the moment his hat flew off made it clear, revealing his dark hair and gray streaks.

Not only did he show off his moves while dancing with the cover group, but ATEEZ also performed “Say My Name” as well, with San still dressed in his disguise.

No wonder fans were fooled. He truly went all out with the detail. Just look at the tucked-in plaid shirt, tan pants with suspenders, and big, puffy coat.

The fake gray beard, old-timey hat, and cane just made the look that much more believable.

See San fool ATINYs with his old man disguise here.