Girl Group Releases Controversial Plastic Surgery Concept Teaser

Controversial girl group Six Bomb has caught everyone’s attention after revealing plans for their next comeback that including a “plastic surgery” concept.

Originally debuting in 2012, Six Bomb previously caused controversy as many questioned their previous sexy concept claiming their revealing outfits and suggestive choreography was inappropriate for an idol group.

The rookie girl groups infamous “pink sausage” outfits gained attention online as they appeared on stage promoting their track “Step to me” in revealing pink lycra outfits which caused their performance to be deemed inappropriate for public broadcasting. While their original performance never appeared on air, fan cams of the girl group performance later went viral.

Now, Six Bomb has once again caused controversy for their latest comeback concept. Their latest music video features a “plastic surgery” theme as the members attend a beauty salon before finally visiting a plastic surgery clinic.

두둥❤💛💚💙식스밤 "예뻐지는중입니다before" 2017년 2월 8일 낮 12시 전 음원사이트 공개되용 😙#식스밤 #sixbomb #새앨범 #newalbum #sixbombsong #예뻐지는중입니다 #예뻐지는중입니다before #예뻐지는중입니다비포 #분홍소세지 #걸그룹 #컴백 #comeback #gettingprettier

Posted by 식스밤SixBomb on Monday, February 6, 2017

Six Bomb announced that their latest track, “Becoming prettier (Before)”, will be followed by “Becoming prettier (After)” next month. The title of their upcoming track has been the source of much discussion around what message they are sending to fans and viewers of all ages.

Take a look at their latest music video below: