This Idol Is Such A Huge Yunho Fan He Actually Cried When He Met Him For The First Time

He was moved by the wise words of advice given to him by Yunho.

During an interview on MBC FM4U‘s Dreaming RadioTHE BOYZ revealed that they were huge fans of TVXQ!‘s Yunho, and he shared words of advice to them that made one of the members cry!


On the day of their debut TV broadcast, THE BOYZ were lucky enough to be placed in the same waiting room as Yunho.


Being an idol with a long and successful career, Yunho did not hesitate to give the rookies some words of advice.

TVXQ’s Yunho

“Be good to the people around you first. I will work hard to become a better senior to you guys.” — Yunho


THE BOYZ were deeply moved by Yunho’s wise words. Member Juyeon was so touched, he couldn’t hold back his tears and cried his eyes out!



It seems THE BOYZ also left a good impression on Yunho. When he was asked about them, Yunho had only good things to say.

“Personally, I really appreciated THE BOYZ. One of the members told me that he really wanted to meet me. He cried in front of me, which surprised me.” — Yunho


Hopefully, THE BOYZ will continue to leave good impressions to everyone they come across!


Source: Dispatch and Osen