This Idol Made Over $100,000 Every Month While She Was Still In High School

She believes it could have been even more!

Roo’ra, one of the original K-Pop idol groups, tasted tremendous success post-debut with their funky dance hit songs. Member Chae Ri Na appeared on Golden Compass and shared just how much she earned when she promoted with Roo’ra.


Chae Ri Na was 17 years old in 1995 when she was added to the group that debuted with different members in 1994.


After Chae Ri Na joined, Roo’ra’s popularity spiked with its first mega hit track, “Angel Without Wings” that swept the nation with its signature dance.


Chae Ri Na (or Roo’ra overall) was sensational, with a unique style that was unprecedented in K-Pop at the time.


Chae Ri Na stated, “When we were earning the most, the members each took around $100,000 a month.”


She added, 20 years ago when this happened, the agency wasn’t the most transparent about the calculations, so she guessed it could have been more.

“The agency at the time wasn’t the best at getting the members paid correctly, so I’m sure it could have been more.” — Chae Ri Na


When the hosts grew curious about what she did with the money, she admitted it hadn’t been invested well. Since she was a high schooler at the time, Chae Ri Na had her mother take care of her earnings, but that didn’t end well.

“My mom wasn’t the best at financing. She’s gullible, so she got involved in fraud cases. I also lost a lot of money from my business attempts.” — Chae Ri Na


Chae Ri Na shared that now she doesn’t spend a lot of money in general. Her recent expenditures only involve shopping for some clothes and looking after her pets.

“I try to save, rather than spend. I only spend on shopping for my clothes and for my dogs nowadays.” — Chae Ri Na


Chae Ri Na concluded by admitting she wants to focus on owning property and renting.

“I’m not big on investing. I have all my money tied up in banks with good interest rates. But I’d like to own property to rent, so I can create income.” — Chae Ri Na


Check out “Angel Without Wings” that topped all music charts for five consecutive weeks and had the nation singing along.

Source: 1BOON