This Trainee Has Totally Transformed Since She First Appeared On “SIXTEEN”

She is now a member of the girl group fromis_9!

Park Jiwon was a JYP trainee who was unfortunately eliminated on Sixteen after ranking 14th place.


After leaving JYP, she joined Idol School, another reality girl group show, through which she eventually debuted as a member of fromis_9.


Fans have recently been looking back on photos of her days on Sixteen


…And have noticed that she looks a little different now.


Her style has certainly changed, making her look even prettier!


Back when she was on Sixteen fans talked about how she had a lot of potential and now, she has finally reached that potential!


Some think that she got prettier naturally after losing some of her baby weight.

  • “She lost weight and has gotten prettier!
  • “She probably got braces~ Even though it takes more time, getting braces is much more effective than getting veneers”
  • “She was prettier on Idol School compared to Sixteen. She probably took good care of herself and got prettier.”
  • “She probably took good care of herself…”


While others claim that it’s impossible to change so drastically just by losing weight.

  • “I’m sincerely curious, is there anyone stupid enough to say that she changed that much naturally? Someone, please tell me more info about the hospital”
  • “Can her cheekbones disappear by losing weight? Her face shape has completely transformed…I have braces and even with braces, your face can’t change that much”
  • “I’m pretty sure she didn’t just lose weight…”
  • “She looks like an entirely different person”


Nonetheless, everyone’s been complimenting on how beautiful she is!

  • “Pretty”
  • “Our Jiwon was always pretty”
  • “She’s beautiful. She’s the prettiest of all fromis members”
  • “She’s gotten so pretty!”


Check out Park Jiwon in fromis_9’s “To Heart” music video below!

Source: Pann Nate