Current Idol Manager Reveals How Much They Get Paid Every Month

Crayon Pop’s Way recently interviewed a current idol manager.

With the rising popularity of manager-related variety shows, the Korean public has been showing more and more interest in idol managers and just how much they get paid.

As a result, Crayon Pop‘s Way decided to address the topic herself by conducting an interview with a current idol manager and uploading it to her official YouTube account.

Way and road manager, Seo Sang Pil answered various questions they received from viewers and the one that drew the most attention was Seo Sang Pil’s answer regarding how much idol managers get paid.

He replied, “We get paid a lot less compared to how much work we do. When I first started working, I got paid 1.3 million won (~$1000 USD) a month. Considering I worked day and night, I wasn’t properly compensated.

In response, Way asked, “Then how much do managers get paid nowadays?” to which he answered, “I think they at least pay managers minimum wage these days.

He also added, “Compared to back then, a lot of information about managers has been getting out thanks to variety shows, and that posed a positive impact.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch